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Wedding Photography

By Click Himachal

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Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Himachal

Click Himachal was established in 2001 with a vision to offer exceptional quality service and value of best wedding photographer in the Himachal and Himachal wedding photography industry. 

Contact us today so we can show you why we are best and why so many couples are booking their wedding pre-wedding and post-wedding with us. We are providing Pre-Wedding, Fashion, Commercial, and Candid Wedding Photography in Himachal.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is our passion. We believe that photography is about finding something extraordinary in ordinary. 

Pre Wedding

Pre-wedding photography is just like a storytelling. We have thousands of ideas to portray your love story through your pre-wedding photoshoot.


We, at Click Himachal, has a team of professional photographers who not only click perfect candid shots but also work passionately on candid photography.

Baby Shoot

ll our sessions are very comfortable and fun for the little ones. Each photography session flows at a natural pace, making babies feel as comfortable as possible.

Baby Shoot Pricing


Price default caption
12,990/ Shoot

  • 20 Unedited Images
  • 7 Premium Images
  • 1 Setup
  • 2 Dress Changes

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Price default caption
21,990/ Shoot

  • 40 Unedited Images
  • 12 Premium Images
  • 2 Setup
  • 4 Dress Changes

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Price default caption
31,990/ Shoot

  • 100 Unedited Images
  • 50 Premium Images
  • 3 Setup
  • 5 Dress Changes

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Price default caption
51,990/ Shoot

  • All Unedited Images
  • 50 Premium Images
  • 5 Setup
  • 10 Dress Changes

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